HPL Community Survey


Lately, you might have heard the words “strategic plan” thrown around HPL and wondered to yourself if one of the librarians were trying to devise an escape from the desk to the break room. Alas, this is not the case. 

A “strategic plan” is a way for the library to examine its mission and values. Think of a strategic plan like a giant New Year’s resolution—except it involves a whole lot of people, tends to last three to four years, and the goals are meant to be kept. Visit any library website, even the Library of Congress, and you’ll find countless strategic plans all embedded with goals for the future. 

This year, HPL begins the process of creating its own strategic plan. Strategic plans are not new to HPL, in fact, the last strategic plan ran from 2017 – 2020….and we all know how 2020 went. Now with the library fully open to the community, HPL is ready to begin the process of strategic planning once again.  

Though just to give you a heads up, strategic planning is a slow-paced, discussion-filled process. So, you won’t see a finished plan just yet.

The first steps of strategic planning begin with an assessment of HPL and its vision. The vision statement of HPL is to be a library that enriches and enhances the lives of patrons and of the community. HPL’s vision statement contains the following directives:

  • Provide continuously evolving service that responds to patrons’ changing needs.
  • Provide access to information, literature and the arts that supports life-long learning, discovery, and cultural enjoyment.
  • Provide quality customer service with a well-trained, friendly, competent staff.
  • Provide a stimulating, pleasing and welcoming space for patrons to meet, discuss, create, and collaborate.
  • Provide cultural, educational, and recreational programs which inspire and entertain.
  • Provide a contribution to the library community by supporting area schools and organizations and participating in village events.

To assess if HPL is holding true to its vision and directives, the help of the community is needed—meaning you!

Whether you’re one of the faithful attendees of Ms. Angela’s story times or you just come into the library for the DVD copy of the latest Marvel movie, this survey is meant for you. Even if you come into the library once every five years by accident or are from Homewood, AL—your input is important!   

The community survey below is meant to help HPL staff to come together and create achievable goals, goals which are ultimately a part of the final strategic plan. Please give your input and constructive criticisms, along with any future hopes for the library and ways to improve. If there’s anything that HPL is doing right, write that down too. Everything helps. 

So, when you have a moment, fill out the survey below. Your input is invaluable and the time you take answering the survey is greatly appreciated. With your help, HPL can improve!