5 ILCS 140/4 Information


The Homewood Public Library aspires to enrich and enhance the lives of our patrons and community.



  • Provide continuously evolving service that responds to patrons’ changing needs
  • Provide access to information, literature and the arts that supports life-long learning, discovery and cultural enjoyment
  • Provide quality customer service with a well-trained, friendly, competent staff
  • Provide a stimulating, pleasing and welcoming space for patrons to meet, discuss, create and collaborate
  • Provide cultural, educational and recreational programs which inspire and entertain
  • Provide a contribution to the library community by supporting area schools and organizations and participating in village events.



  • As of September, 2023, the Homewood Public Library employs 34 part-time staff and 14 full-time staff
  • The 2023-2024 HPL Operating budget is $2,459,484 and the detailed budget can be found on the library website.
  • The current HPL Board of Trustees is as follows (photos and term information on the library website):
  • President – Adrienne River
  • Vice-President – Amanda Jo Greep
  • Secretary – Nancy Gildart
  • Treasurer – Thomas Nowak
  • Trustee – Jennifer Cutshall
  • Trustee – Thomas Popelka
  • Trustee – Jacoba (Yoka) Ward


A Homewood Public Library organization chart is also available HERE


Please send FOIA requests to colleenw@homewoodlibrary.org. No FOIA form is necessary.


Additional library information including audits and pension information can be found on the library website in the “About Us” section.