Safe Child Policy

Section 9.05   Safe Child Policy

We welcome children of all ages to use our Library. We hope that as many children as
possible will use it as a doorway to lifelong learning and reading. The Library,
however, is a public building. Anyone can enter this building whether they are a
danger to children or not. The Library is also a busy workplace with staff engaged in
circulation, reference and other library service duties. The Library staff is not
responsible for the safety, care or supervision of unattended children at any age,
whether in the Library or on Library premises.

To safeguard children, staff will follow the policy outlined below:

  • Children under the age of 9 must be attended and supervised by a parent or responsible caretaker age 14 or older. For the safety of children in the Library, a parent or responsible caretaker must be in close physical proximity. Parents should be aware that medical decisions can be made only by an adult-aged caretaker.
  • Students who visit the Library with tutors are to be supervised by the tutor during the student’s entire Library visit, if the student is otherwise unattended. The Library does not serve as an intermediary between students and tutors.
  • The Library should not be used as a daycare facility. Staff who notice an obvious pattern indicating that it is being used in place of daycare should document the usage, note the child’s name and give the information to the Administrative Librarian. The Administrative Librarian will notify the parents of Library policy and take such steps to insure that the situation stops.
  • Transportation for children at the Library must be arranged prior to the Library closing time. In the event a child is stranded, two staff members will assist the child in arranging transportation. If transportation cannot be arranged in a timely manner, the two staff members will call the police and wait for the child to be picked up.

Reviewed: June 18, 2014
Adopted: July 16, 2014
Effective: July 16, 2014