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Homewood Library History

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The Homewood Library began in 1920 in Mr. Gold's real estate office on Ridge Road, where member of the Homewood Woman's Club met to discuss and exchange books. During cold weather they gathered around a small black stove, which burned coal or wood.

In November of 1924, the Woman's Club announced the opening of the library to the public. Members of the Club continued to staff the library, which was open Saturday afternoon and each night except Sunday. In 1925, the Illinois Central Railroad decided that its small wooden train station was too old and offered it free to anyone who wanted it.

Because the Woman's Club had outgrown the real estate office, they asked for and received the train station. The women raised over $1500 to have the station moved to 17857 Harwood Avenue. After the station was moved, they had electricity and heating installed, and painted and hung cheerful curtains. The community was canvassed for book donations, and others were borrowed from the State Library in Springfield.

By 1927, the maintenance of the library had become too great for the women. On April 19, the Homewood Public Library was established as a tax supported institution. Trustees were elected and a librarian was hired.

The library flourished in its new location, but by 1958, was totally inadequate to support the needs of a growing community. In 1960, a special election seeking approval to build a new library was successful. The new library, at 17900 Dixie Highway, opened on January 13, 1962.

The present-day Homewood Public Library, located at 17917 Dixie Highway, opened on February 14, 1990.

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